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HA Collagen Boosting Cream

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This HA Collagen Boosting Cream is a great addition for fighting fine lines and plumping the skin. Why? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is responsible for keeping the skin smooth and plump, but unfortunately, hyaluronic acid levels in the skin decrease naturally with age. As a result, the skin begins to dry out, appear less plump, and lose its baby-skin smoothness. HA Collagen Boosting Cream is specially formulated to provide intense hydration and defend against moisture loss to promote smoother, softer, and more radiant skin. It does all of this while being ultra light-weight. The unique grape extract found within this cream acts as a powerful antioxidant, effectively protecting the epidermal skin cells from harmful UV rays and other environmental stressors. The four types of hyaluronic acid found in this formula work together to provide immediate and lasting hydration levels within the skin, resulting in a plump, hydrated and radiant appearance.

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